Date: April 1, 2004

Exodus International Ministries announces that we have become Exodus Global Alliance, a worldwide outreach to people affected by homosexuality. The purpose of Exodus Global Alliance is to equip Christians around the globe to minister the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ to those affected by homosexuality.

As homosexuality has grown to become the strategic issue facing society and the church on every continent, the Exodus movement has grown to meet the intensifying needs and guide people to an understanding of homosexuality and the issues surrounding it. Now, to better serve these needs around the world, the global network of Exodus ministries have formed Exodus Global Alliance. Exodus Global Alliance will reach people looking for help, develop and nurture local ministries to serve them, and guide people in caring and redemptive relationships to those affected by homosexuality.

Frank Worthen, one of the founders of Exodus International, North America and founding chairman of Exodus Global Alliance says, "For decades ex-gay ministry has been centered around the USA and Europe, now we see this kind of ministry reaching around the world. The gaps are being filled in. Exodus Global Alliance is a 'right time, right place' ministry that will focus on equipping these rapidly developing regions."

Founded in 1976, Exodus started working in 1995 to develop a worldwide structure and board where every region has an equal voice in the decisions made about Exodus as a global organization; to begin an international missions program that would send people around the world to start new ministries; to establish accountability at the regional level similar to the way that Exodus member ministries are accountable to a regional office yet still permits each region to carry out ministry in their region in ways that are appropriate to the people, culture and language groups in each region.

Pat Lawrence, the International Director, says "Our new name reflects the commitment that the coalition of Exodus ministries around the world have to work together to proclaim the message of hope and healing that Christ brings to a world that is increasingly struggling with homosexuality. This development is exciting. We are adding board members who represent the international nature of our work. We are strengthening our global leadership. And we are ready to focus on the growing needs in the places we already work in and in places like Africa, the subcontinent of India and the subcontinent of China. Each of these places needs to hear there is hope because Jesus brings change to everyone who submits to His Lordship."