Opening Doors

by Proclaiming the Truth and Hope that faith in Christ and a transformed life is possible by the grace of God

How we began...

The history of the world as recorded in Genesis begins with the words "In the beginning God…”


The history of Exodus starts the same way. In the beginning God reached out to homosexual men and women on each continent around the world. Reaching out to them with grace and truth, God brought hope, healing and transformation to men and women affected by homosexuality. Then He called them to let Him work through them to bring His grace and truth to others around the world.

One example is Frank Worthen. Frank was a homosexual man who came to faith in Jesus. In 1973 God led Frank to start a ministry to homosexuals in California. The ministry was called Love In Action, later called New Hope. In 1976, Frank and others organized a conference of ministries that serve people impacted by homosexuality in the USA. At this conference the participants, about 66 in number, formed a coalition called Exodus International, North America. Exodus International North America was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and registered as a 501(c)(3) charity in the USA in the 1970's.

But God was not just working in the USA, He was leading people into ministry around the world. Organizations such as Exodus Europe and Exodus Asia Pacific were started by people like Johan van de Sluis and Peter Lane.  These were started as indepedent networks.

Pat (Allan) Lawrence was another ministry leader who had started a ministry in Toronto, Canada in the 1980's. Pat was a lesbian who came to faith in Jesus. In the 1990's she became involved in the leadership of Exodus International, North America, becoming a board member. With a heart for missions and ministry outside of North America, Pat saw the need to connect the independent Exodus regions. She encouraged the Exodus regions to work together in a new way that would enable ministries to homosexual men and women to become more cohesive and effective. She proposed the Exodus Regions and ministries form a global leadership council that would begin the work of bringing the Exodus regions together. They would share a common mission and a common understanding of faith, homosexuality and the transforming work of God. Each region would have equal representation. There would be accountability and mutual submission at the local, regional and international levels.

In 1995, under Pat's leadership, Exodus International, North America hosted a summit of ministry leaders from the Exodus regions. They formed an international network of ministries, now called Exodus Global Alliance. Through Exodus Global Alliance, Exodus regions and local ministries would work together in 3 missions:

  • Proclaiming that faith in Christ and a transformed life through the power of Jesus Christ is possible for people who experience same-sex attractions or are involved in homosexuality.
  • Equipping Christians and churches to uphold the Biblical view of sexuality while responding with compassion and grace to those impacted by homosexuality.
  • Serving people impacted by homosexuality through Christian fellowship and discipleship .

"For decades ex-gay ministry has been centered around the USA. Now we see this kind of ministry reaching around the world. The gaps are being filled in. Exodus Global Alliance is a right time, right place ministry that focuses on equipping these rapidly developing regions." Frank Worthen, 2004.

Exodus identifies with men and women who are affected by homosexuality partly because many of the people in Exodus once were homosexual men and women. We know what it feels like. We've experienced the hurt and rejection. We also know what it is like to want a relationship with God and wonder if there is any hope for us. We know from personal experience what it means to ask if change is possible. And we know from personal experience that it is possible to have a relationship with God through Jesus, how a relationship with God changes us and what change looks like.