Your prayers are important to Exodus. The people serving in ministry want and need your prayers as they endeavour to fulfill the call that God has placed on them to offer Christian help to those seeking freedom from homosexuality. Here are some ways that you can pray for Exodus leaders working at home and abroad.

1. A growing relationship with God

Pray for a vibrant relationship with and deepened love for God. For the filling of the Holy Spirit and dependence on His guidance. For victory over temptation. For discipline and joy in worship, prayer and Bible study. For character development.

2. Physical, mental and emotional health

Pray for grace, flexibility, wisdom and strength for difficult situations and demanding schedules. That missionaries and their families would experience God's healing in illness and His comfort when facing culture shock, fear, loneliness and discouragement. For joy in serving.

3. Strong Family Relationships

Pray for strong marriages and family relationships. For the salvation and spiritual growth of their children. For grace for families who are apart from one another for long periods of time. For contentment, integrity and strong healthy friendships for single people. For balance between home-life and ministry. For sexual purity and fidelity.

4. Fruitful Ministry

Pray for God's annointing on their ministry - preaching, witnessing, counselling, training, speaking, or other work. For discernment to choose God's best when pressed by many needs. For the salvation of unbelievers. For the healing and change of those who come seeking help. For expanded outreach into gay communities. For power against Satan's spiritual forces, including those of opposing religions.

5. Effective Communication

Pray for perseverence and encouragement for those learning new cultures and languages - how to bridge the cultural differences and adapt to a new culture. For a growing love for people involved in homosexuality. For the ability to communicate God's message about homosexuality. Talking about homosexuailty is hard enough in your original culture and language. Being effective in another culture and language is even tougher. Pray for those involved in translation, production and distribution of Christian literature on homosexuality.

6. Strong Team Relationships

Pray for open communication, understanding, humility, patience and unity within the local, regional and international teams at work in Exodus. Pray for the same with Exodus worker's relationships with other people from other organizations, local believers and churches, national church leaders and other Christian organizations. That you and your church would grow as world Christians, supporting, encouraging and praying for Exodus workers at home and abroad. That God will call people from your church to serve Him in missions and God will call others to faithfully support those who go to other countries.

7. Country Leaders

Pray that God will help country leaders (such as government, media and education) to hear and accept Exodus' message about homosexuality. Pray that countries trying to decide how to deal with homosexuals will neither persecute homosexuals nor encourage people to embrace homosexaulity. Rather they will be open to the message that change is possible. Pray that people will be drawn to Jesus Christ, especially those who think that they are already condemned and rejected because of their involvement with homosexuality. That people affected by homosexuality would find freedom, healing and change through Jesus Christ.



If you want to pray for Exodus, we will share specific prayer requests with you, as well as the answers received. In this way, we hope to provide those of you who feel called to support Exodus in prayer with the most current information on our needs and concerns. Please fill in our Prayer Support form to register so that we know about your interest. When we receive your information we will bring you into our prayer support team.