Exodus Global Alliance Canada was closed on June 30, 2021.


Canadian government legislation (Bill C-6) to make “conversion therapy” a criminal offence will become a federal law in 2021. The details of Bill C-6 and supplementary information from the government make it clear they are trying to prevent the gospel and Christian help from being offered to LGBT people. Exodus Global Alliance Canada is specifically identified as a ministry that will be targeted by the legislation.

Bill C-6 will treat holding conferences, leading support groups, or referring people to churches, discipleship groups or counsellors as criminal offences . Even a Canadian website or a newsletter that presents a testimony or an article with a Christian view of sexuality and gender will be a criminal offence.

We see significant distortion and misrepresentation of the truth regarding sexuality, gender and the work of Exodus Global Alliance Canada. The proponents of the legislation actually said that LGBTQ people who seek help to follow Jesus can’t think rationally and need the government to make choices for them to protect them (from Christian faith). Christian truths about sexuality and gender are called harmful myths and stereotypes, even hate speech. George Orwell wrote, “The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” We are finding this is increasingly so for Christian truth about sexuality and gender.

Exodus Global Alliance (the global network), Exodus Brasil and Exodus Latinoamerica will continue to proclaim God's invitation to LGBTQ people to experience His love, continue to share the testimonies of LGBTQ people who become Christians, continue to equip churches and Christians to minister the grace and truth of Jesus to people impacted by issues of sexuality & gender, and continue to serve people. Our main goal is not to persuade people to change their behavior. It is to invite LGBTQ people to Jesus because every person’s primary need is to hear the gospel and experience the love of God.