Exodus Asia Pacific
How you can support Exodus Asia Pacific

Our ministries rely on people like you. We serve churches and individuals but this can only happen as people give.

Exodus Asia Pacific is not supported by any organisations or funds. We are supported by individual people like yourself. You make it possible for Exodus Asia Pacific to reach people with a message of hope in Christ Jesus and respond to people who are looking for help. The need is great and the resources are few.

If you want to make a financial gift, you can give on-line by clicking on the Donate button below.  

If you would like to partner with us with prayer, we would be keen to hear from you. Use the Contact Us form to contact us.

You may feel you would like to be part of this ministry or help people who struggle with sexual brokenness within the church or area that you live in. If you would like to know more about these opportunities and how Exodus Asia Pacific works together with individuals and churches, please contact us.