Exodus Asia Pacific
Who We Are and What We Do
Exodus is a Non Profit, Christian ministry in the Asia Pacific region helping men and women find a way to follow Christ and to apply their desire for discipleship with their sexuality.
We are members of Exodus Global Alliance.

Our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ by proclaiming His desire and incredible power to offer freedom to all who seek him. Such freedom begins with repentance from sin, and faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord. Followers of Jesus develop maturity through their ongoing submission to the Lordship of Christ and His inspired, authoritative Word. They experience God’s compassion and mercy through fellowship within a church body of like-minded Christians.
Exodus Asia Pacific ministries are dedicated to equipping and uniting agencies and individuals to effectively communicate the message of liberation from sexual and relational problems. These include same-sex attraction, incest, pornography, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, etc. As well we seek to support and minister understanding to individuals facing the reality of a gay loved one.
We do not support aversion therapy, nor any attempt to force people to change.  We do not endorse bullying in any form and respect the right for all people to be given dignity as all are created in God's image.


As an evangelical international and interdenominational Christian mission, Exodus Asia Pacific adheres to the following values:
  • To advance the message of sexual redemption
  • To affirm the Church as the primary body responsible for evangelisation.
  • To follow Biblical standards of sexuality, stewardship, personal and professional integrity and excellence in ministry.
  • To respect peoples’ freedom of choice.