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Exodus Asia Pacific is keen to network with churches who want to understand same sex attraction. We want to help churches to have confidence in the truth of scripture and to respond to those who struggle with these issues and their faith in ways that are in the light of God's grace.

  • We hope to equip churches to minister to the individuals within their own congregation, as well as the family members of a gay loved one.
  • We hope to create a nationwide referral list of churches, including your church, for those who are searching for a church family that will walk alongside them in their journey.
For men and women overcoming homosexuality, a pivotal part of healing and restoration is the need to be included in—and be a part of—the body of Christ. For many the experience of being welcomed, invited and embraced by the men, women, and families in a church makes all the difference in the world in overcoming sexually conflicting feelings.

To begin the membership process, click on the link below to go to the membership application page. Download the application, print it and mail or fax it to the Exodus Asia Pacific office. We will review your application and contact you. If all qualifications are met, your church will be recognised as an Exodus Network Church and we will refer people to your church. In addition, we will provide ongoing training and resources for your leaders and congregation.

If you have any questions regarding the Exodus Church Network, please contact us by email and we can organise to discuss anything further.

Church Network Application


All that is asked of Exodus Network Churches is that they designate a contact person for this area of ministry. The contact person will be the person with whom the national Exodus Office communicates, but will also be the name given to people who are connected with your church through the Exodus Church Network (although personal contact information will not be released).

The contact person will be responsible for sharing information about the church with the referral and helping him or her to connect with the church. We encourage churches to find people within their church who have a heart for people impacted by homosexuality (including strugglers, friends and families). This ministry need not be demanding on church staff and can be a great opportunity for church members to discover a special place to use their hearts and gifts.


While specific ministries for people impacted by homosexuality and Christian counselors specializing in sexual issues can and do play a great role in ministry, the local church has amazing healing potential within the basic community of believers assembled there.

Exodus believes that the most important healing received comes through the Body of Christ represented in the local church, and in that regard, those impacted by homosexuality can find vital healing in simply being accepted and included in a Christian community.

In order to help the church better understand some of the issues surrounding homosexuality, and to help them better understand the needs of those impacted by homosexuality, Exodus will provide Exodus Network Churches with many important resources, including but not limited to the following:

  • A quarterly email newsletter containing important and pertinent information regarding homosexuality and ministry;
  • Lists of resources and highlights of new or updated resources;
  • Connection with existing Exodus Member Ministries in your area;
  • Training workshops
  • periodic special equipping and training materials
  • Local mini-conferences and seminars
Exodus Network Churches are simply churches deemed by Exodus to be safe and sound places for people struggling with unwanted homosexual feelings, or anyone adversely impacted by homosexuality, to receive truth and grace as they deal with this issue in their lives, and as they pursue the Lord in the midst of their struggle.

Church Network Application