Exodus has several ways that we can equip you to help others...

Speaking in Churches / Local Seminars - Exodus representatives can speak in your churches or lead seminars that will introduce the need for ministry to people affected by homosexuality, explain what ministry involves, and explain how the church can support such a ministry. Click here for more information about speaking in churches. Click here to send us a request asking about local seminars or inviting an Exodus speaker to speak in your church.

Training - Exodus provides several types of training; training at an existing ministry location, training at the Exodus International office, and on-site training at your location. Click here for information about Exodus training.

Conferences - You can attend Exodus conferences where you will meet other people who are in ministry, gain an understanding of what they do, and attend workshops that will help you in ministry development.

Literature - Exodus maintains a comprehensive on-line catalogue of Christian literature on homosexuality. The literature includes books and videos on ministry development, manuals on leading support groups, texts for counselors, and books for the people you would be ministering to. Click here to go to our on-line guide.

Starting a Ministry - Exodus provides training, guidance and resources to help you start a new ministry. Click here for an introduction to a manual on Starting a Ministry.