The first ministries of healing for men and women seeking a way out of homosexuality were established in the early 1970s. Most of these ministries started when one person, finding freedom in Jesus, felt a desire to share this freedom with others.

Growth, in terms of both numbers of ministries and in their effectiveness has been encouraging. But this is still an area of ministry in its infancy. Many Exodus member ministries are part-time; they have no full-time staff. Many major cities still have no specific Christian outreach to homosexuals. There are millions of men and women who are homosexually oriented throughout the world and at present only a few hundred working full-time to bring them the great message of freedom and wholeness available through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that the establishment of ministries to homosexuals has been a sovereign work of God. The heart of Jesus goes out to every broken person, and men and women struggling with homosexuality are certainly among the broken. It is exciting that you are considering being involved in this important work.

Exodus Global Alliance offers a Starting a Ministry manual. This manual will help you in determining if God is calling you into ministry. And it will help you get started. You can purchase a copy of this manual using the order form at the bottom of this webpage. Click on the Download link to open the order form in your browser. Then use the "File/Save As" command to save the order form to your computer or the Print command to print a copy of the order form. The form is a PDF file. You might need to have the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer to open and print the form. Adobe Reader is a free program available from Adobe. 

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