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Why do some gay people not want to be gay anymore?
Many gay people, if given the choice, would have turned off their strong same-sex attractions long ago. In fact, many gay people will share their own stories of fighting a silent struggle for several years before deciding to identify themselves as gay. So, why do some people no longer want to be gay even after settling in their hearts that they are? Simply, their life wasn't "gay" after all. Many of them found the "gay" life dysfunctional, discouraging, destructive, unsatisfying or unholy. Their feelings led them into homosexuality but they also paid a high price for it. For these people, many times they stop "thinking" with their feelings, and begin yielding to what they know is true about homosexuality, the root of their attractions, God's design for sexual expression, etc. They seek support as they leave the gay life and enter into the life that God intended for them.

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