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My gay friend does not understand that you can like/love a person and not agree with their actions/thoughts. What can I tell or say to him so that he will understand what I am trying to say?
Many people have close friends that they love a lot, but disagree with some of their personal choices or beliefs. That is typical to nearly all friendships. No two people are going to agree on everything. And healthy friends allow for disagreements while remaining respectful and committed to the friendship. It is manipulative to say, "I can't be your friend unless you agree with me." So, in the case of a gay friend, it's okay to say, "I want to continue to be friends even though we don't agree on everything. And my commitment to you is to try to be a good friend even when we have different opinions." If you remain friends, then it will be friendship that has good boundaries where one person doesn't control the other person's opinions as a condition for friendship.

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