Exodus conferences typically present information about the following topics.

The Roots of Homosexuality

Some people have misrepresented the causes of homosexuality as a pre-determined, biological condition. Others mistakenly believe people choose to be homosexuals. We will examine how homosexuality may develop and illustrate this from personal experience.

What Does the Bible Say?

We present a comprehensive account of all the Bible says about sexuality and homosexuality, the good news that God offers to people impacted by same-sex attractions or involved in homosexuality, and how God wants the church to minister to them.

Is Change Really Possible?

This question often has many different meanings. And there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about this question. Ultimately change is about a relationship with Jesus Christ and a resolution to live in congruence with biblical teaching on sexuality. We discuss the kinds of changes that are possible and how this brings hope into the lives of people.

Someone I Love is Gay

Finding out that a child, spouse, relative or friend is homosexual can bring a complex combination of emotions including grief, shame, and guilt. And you may be flooded with questions ranging from "Why?" to "What's next?" We help you find God's grace and truth to guide and equip you in your relationships with them.

Responding with Grace and Truth

Have you ever wondered what to say to someone who comes to you for help with confusion about homosexual feelings? We are people who have struggled with homosexuality and who have been involved in helping others. We share our experiences to help you as a church, pastor, mentor or caregiver to come alongside those affected by homosexuality with grace and truth.

Homosexuality & Students

We recognize that students today face an enormous amount of confusion and ambiguity surrounding their sexual identity that can include dealing with such issues as homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. Exodus is committed to equipping and encouraging students to be disciples of Christ who live a life consistent with biblical truth, successfully dealing with the pressures of society and the struggles they have within. We want students to know that they don't have to pursue a gay life and that there are many men and women who have chosen not to follow their same-sex attractions, but to live in accordance with something that supersedes emotion and passion - a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.