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615773: When Gay Comes Home: Learning to Build Bridges

When Gay Comes Home: Learning to Build Bridges
By Wilna van Beek

Wilna van Beek beautifully weaves together two profound stories into a tapestry of faith, hope, and love.

The first story is her story. It is told with compelling courage and refreshing transparency and desperately needs to be heard today. Wilna's honest vulnerability projects us beyond the predictable and tired cultural norms of individualism, self-identification, and sensual pleasure and allows us to see that there is another, higher way to live: the way of humility and repentance, which leads to transformation and genuine life!

The second story is the well-worn but often misunderstood story of Jesus and how Jesus loves and cares for people... all people. It is Jesus who enables the transformation we all so desperately require.

5444401: Out: One Christian"s Experience of Leaving the Gay Community Out: One Christian's Experience of Leaving the Gay Community
By Bob Fife with Ron Hughes

Bob Fife was raised in a dysfunctional home and, despite an early conversion to Christianity, had an uneasy youth. Nothing prepared Bob for being sexually molested by an older boy he trusted--or for what happened in his heart afterward.

From the confusion of his teen years, to his marriage and fatherhood, to his discovery and embrace of the Toronto gay scene, the path Bob took became increasingly isolating. He chose to leave his young family to follow his new lifestyle around the world. But an unexpected visit from his college-age son over a decade later caused Bob to confront the consequences of his choices--and find his way back to a restored relationship with the God who loves him.

1232377: How Will I Tell My Mother? A True Story of One Man"s    Battle with Homesexuality & AIDS How Will I Tell My Mother? A True Story of One Man's Battle with Homesexuality & AIDS
By Stephen & Jerry Arterburn

Jerry Arterburn's story parallels that of thousands of men who are troubled by homosexual desires, but want to change. Rejected, alienated, and seduced into the world of homosexuality, Jerry suffered the devastating effects of AIDS before finding hope, acceptance, and an escape. Jerry's story, told with his brother, Steve Arterburn, gives readers hope. They give a way out of homosexuality for those who want to escape. It's a frank story that tells the truth about homosexuality and about how to find freedom and a new life.

795803: Love Hunger: A Harrowing Journey from Sexual Addiction to True Fulfillment Love Hunger: A Harrowing Journey from Sexual Addiction to True Fulfillment
By David Kyle Foster

Homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, cults--secret sins rival the glitter of Hollywood for young actor David Kyle Foster. Winning wholesome television roles, his star on the rise, he is relieved to be free from his father's harshness. But the desperate loneliness and sexual obsession that characterized his youth now accompany his rise to success--and bondage to a double life seems the only answer. Can Jesus' love reach one so broken?

Whether you're grappling with your own darkness or know someone who is, this gripping and inspiring memoir shows you that, no matter how bleak it may seem, there is always hope: God can heal and restore the soul that hungers for love.

718170: Destiny Bridge Destiny Bridge
By Frank Worthen

Frank recounts his life of living in homosexuality into his 40's, coming to Christian faith and then being called into ministering to others. Frank has completed 36 years of ministry to other gay & women.

473863: And Such Were Some Of You!: One Man"s Walk Out Of The Gay Lifestyle And Such Were Some Of You!: One Man's Walk Out Of The Gay Lifestyle
By Anthony A. Falzarano

Author Anthony Falzarano spent 9 years in the gay lifestyle, and discusses in detail how God delivered him out of it. While looking for answers in regards to his own struggle, he began to uncover a plethora of lies and deception that the pro-gay lobbyists organizations had planted in the media. He grieves over the politically motivated gay lobbyists that are affirming millions of young people into the lifestyle through its lies.

776225: Shattered, and Then: A Journey to Sexual Healing and Integration Shattered, and Then: A Journey to Sexual Healing and Integration
By Laurie Morris

Morris's testimony is one of healing and hope for those ravaged by betrayal of a sexual nature.


'C' Change: Living Renewed in Christ

by Shirley Baskett

16 Stories of people who have left homosexuality behind or who have had families impacted by someone who is same-sex attracted. These are Christian journeys that show the heart of a loving Father God who waits for all prodigals with his arms open.

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The Woman Who Outran the Devil

by Shirley Baskett

Shirley's testimony of God's transforming love and power.

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Free Indeed

Free Indeed is the story of Barbara Swallow, a wife who openly loved her husband and family, but who had a deep dark secret.

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Portraits of Freedom

Fourteen powerful testimonies of God leading people to freedom in Jesus.

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Touching a Dead Man

Touching A Dead Man traces the path of a young boy's life through childhood rejection, growing up black and COGIC and the pain of his darkest secret -- homosexuality.

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