Exodus Asia Pacific


June 2012

Recently, ‘experts’ have been issuing warnings about the psychological damage of reparative therapies and programmes for minors, in ‘gay recovery’ programmes. These have been issued by Mr Paul Martin who has had no contact with any Exodus ministries for 25 years and Mr Venn-Brown who has never had any involvement with Exodus.

Recent news events have reminded Australia, that false reports lead to hateful and damaging witch hunts. The allegations that Exodus ministries provide reparative therapies and programmes for minors, in ‘gay recovery’ programmes are false reports.

Exodus in Australia does not have any programmes for minors and does not provide or practice reparative therapies.

Exodus provides support to adults who experience same sex attraction and who want to find help in their Christian faith, according to their own understanding of belief. Exodus ministries do not claim to turn anyone from homosexual to ‘straight’. We do not offer ‘cures’ and the only people who use this term are those who oppose our organisation.

No one is ever coerced, forced into any options, nor do we seek to ‘pray away the gay’ as many have suggested. Many of us at Exodus experience same-sex attraction. We have gay friends and loved ones. We are here to serve people who freely come to us for support. People seeking this encouragement and guidance do so because they have decided to pursue an identity or life based on their relationship with Christ over their same-sex attractions. These are Christian men and women who desire to live in accordance to God’s design for sexuality, as they see clearly defined in scripture.

The false allegations about reparative therapies and programmes for minors are uninformed, and can only be interpreted as a bullying campaign against men and women who experience same-sex attractions and desire to live in accordance with their Christian faith and against the organisations that help them do this. Exodus ministries are made up of people from many different denominations and who follow accepted Christian beliefs and practices that the vast majority of churches would adhere to.

Our goals are to equip the church to minister to individuals and families who are impacted by same-sex attractions, loving and serving them as the church is called to do to everyone, and serve people who want to stop focusing on their sin and struggles and start focusing on the grace and peace found only in Christ, becoming the new creations He created us to be.