Below is a series of EGA logo files that can be downloaded.

ZIP file Contains the Adobe Illustrator graphic and font files needed to create or modify the EGA logo file.

DOC files Contain some general information about the logo.

TIF and JPG files Individual logo files where each image is a different size.

Each file listed below has a download link on the right. Click on the Download link to download the file.

EGA Logo Color InfoEGA logo colour specificationsDOCDownload
EGA Logo InfoEGA logo introductionDOCDownload
EGA Logo 1EGA logo, with "Change is Possible", 300 dpi, 1143x248 pixels, 39 KBTIFDownload
EGA Logo 2EGA logo. Colour, with "working together", 300 dpi, 1143x248 pixels, 40 KBTIFDownload
EGA-logo-137x52EGA logo, 137x52 pixelsJPGDownload
EGA-logo-200x72EGA logo, 200 x 75 pixelsJPGDownload
EGA-logo-274-103EGA logo, 274 x 103 pixelsJPGDownload
EGA-logo-574x206EGA logo, 574 x 206 pixelsJPGDownload
EGA LogoZIP file containing the drawing and font files required to edit the EGA logo or create a new logo for a region. (8 MB)ZIPDownload