What Kind of Change is Possible?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about this question. A lot of damage has been done by simplistic concepts of change. Some people think that our primary focus is about change in sexual orientation. Others think that our primary focus is about change in sexual behaviour. Our focus really is about the complete transformation that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ and a resolution to live in congruence with biblical teaching on sexuality. The Bible says many things about this complete transformation. Jesus Christ came that we may have life and have it abundantly - not to live in bondage to unwanted desires.From these Scriptures we understand several kinds of change are possible for people who expereince same-sex attractions or are involved in homosexuality.

By change we mean that people can:

  • Change from a life without God to a life with God.
  • Change our sense of identity -  the way we define ourselves.
  • Change involvement in same-sex sexual activities.
  • Change in the social structures and activities that we use to support our identity and behaviour.
  • Change in same-sex attractions. For some people this means no longer living in bondage to unwanted desires even though the desires still occur. For others this means a reduction in same-sex attractions such that they no longer play a large role in day-to-day life. In some cases this means eliminatation of homosexual feelings and attractions. And in some cases experience a satisfying heterosexual relationship.

The potential for these changes brings hope into the lives of people who have often been told there is no hope for them because they cannot change.

We have several articles that explore various facets about change.


Real-life Examples

Having described the kinds of change that is possible and why people want to change, the next question is whether anyone has actually changed. For many the best answer is real-life examples, letting people tell you their experiences about the changes in their lives. We have posted a selection of statements from people about their experiences. These are in the testimonies section.