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LESSONS LEARNED: Insights for Redeeming the Sexual Generation
Volume 1

A best selling DVD with 6 of Sy's favorite teachings.
  • The Power of Forgiveness (Finding freedom from bitterness when others have hurt me )
  • Realistic Expecations (Discouraged in your struggles? What you should expect from Christianity, why it takes time to get over problems, and why that's perfectly normal and Biblical)
  • What Works For Me (What keeps me on track with God in spite of my very real weaknesses)
  • The Power of Community (Four key relationship systems that God uses to nourish and heal)
  • Renewing the Mind (What it really means - and how biology and the Bible work together in transforming troublesome impulses and behaviours)
  • Relapse Prevention (Steps to maintain integrity in a world of risk )

Generation XXX: Equipping Youth for a Sex-Saturated Culture (DVD)

Many factors have conspired to mark the end of innocence for today’s youth. What can be done to better prepare them in today’s sexually aggressive culture? Sy draws from his own journey of sexual healing, parenting, and three decades as a pastoral care specialist to deliver this powerful 8-part series.

Topics include:

  • Introdution & Overview
  • Defining Expectations About Your Child’s Sexualty
  • God’s Intention for Sexuality: Maturity & Security
  • A Model for Healthy Growth & Development
  • Factors Affecting Sexual Development – Part 1
  • Factors Affecting Sexual Development – Part 2
  • Four Basic Indicators of Teen Sexuality
  • Establishing Plan B: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Most parents haven’t been adequately prepared to navigate their children through the risks awaiting this generation. This series will inspire conversation and provide insight and instruction to guide today’s youth through the minefield of our sex saturated culture.

Bonus Disc includes a one-hour Q & A session and mp3 audio files.

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The God Files (CD)

No matter how much you think you know about God, there is always still so much more to learn!

As long as we are on this planet and remain open to our Creator, we will discover more of His attributes in new and profound ways. In this series Sy Rogers explores divine qualities that changed his perspective about many things, including life, love, suffering, and God’s timing. These messages will deepen your confidence in God's loving character and enable you to trust Him more fully.

The God Files include:

  • Four Things I Learned About God
  • The God Who Is Bigger Than…
  • Never Early, Never Late…The God That Makes You Wait!

Sy Rogers explores divine qualities that changed his perspective about many things, including life, love, suffering, and God’s timing. These messages will deepen your confidence in His loving character and enable you to trust Him more fully. Audio CD.


Keeping Clean (CD)

Anybody who has been a Christian longer than ten minutes knows that becoming a Christian does not make us immune to our human desires.

While Jesus erases sin and guilt, He does not erase memory, history, or human vulnerability. In this series Sy combines biblical principles with practical advice to deal with thought life as well as how to get and maintain sexual and relational integrity in a sexually charged culture

Keeping Clean includes:

  • Keeping Clean in a Dirty World
  • Integrity
  • Dunk Until You’re Done

Smart Relating (CD)

Our entire Faith is built upon a foundation of reconciliation – first with God, then in the ways we connect with each other.

In this teaching series Sy shares fresh insights from his own remarkable life journey, examining how our insecurities damage relationships, how his church became a healing community for him, changing his life forever.

Smart Relating includes:

  • Ways We Wreck Relationships
  • Three Things My Church Did Right
  • The Truth About Forgiveness

Such Were Some of You (DVD)


This 2-hour documentary tells the story of how people develop homosexual confusion and how Jesus Christ brings healing from those things that contribute to their same-sex attractions. Includes experts like Drs. Michael Brown, Robert Gagnon, Neil Anders

Available in a regular edition and a leaders edition. The leader's edition includes a discussion guide and license for free screening.

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How Do You Like Me Now? - DVD


What do you do when a loved one tells you they're homosexual? How do you bear witness to the biblical reality without losing their love & affection? This is a critical resource for the Body of Christ. Watch Joe Dallas & others who have personal experience and Biblical training share their exeriences and lessons-learned.

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Sing Over Me (DVD)

By Dennis Jernigan

Since the early 1990s, Christians all over the world have been singing the songs of modern-day psalmist Dennis Jernigan, including “You Are My All in All,” “Thank You, Lord!” and “When I Fell in Love with You.” His music and ministry, sparked by his lifelong struggle with homosexuality and the healing that came through his relationship with Jesus Christ, have led him on a remarkable journey of redemption.

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501673: Sing Over Me: Church Resource Kit (2 disc DVD with book) Sing Over Me: Church Resource Kit (2 disc DVD with book)
By Dennis Jernigan

It is difficult for Christians to know how to respond to homosexuality in today’s culture. Some believers argue the truth - sometimes with a distinct lack of love - while others remain silent to avoid offending or being labeled “haters.” The Sing Over Me Church Resource Kit is designed to equip your church to respond lovingly, yet truthfully when interacting with advocates of homosexuality. This two-DVD Church Resource Kit includes the 87-minute documentary, Sing Over Me and a 72-minute bonus DVD, along with the Stand in Love: Truthful Answers to Questions about Sexuality, Identity, and the Church study guide.

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408414: Homosexuality: Finding Hope in the Gospel DVD Homosexuality: Finding Hope in the Gospel DVD
By Dr. Rosaria Butterfield

Filmed at the 2015 Answers for Women Conference, this program discusses practical help for those struggling with same-sex attraction. Dr. Rosaria Butterfield was a tenured professor of English and Women’s Studies at Syracuse University, scholar in 19th century literature and culture (and advocate of Freud, Marx, Hegel, Darwin), author of a book in feminist theory and articles in queer theory, partnered to another lesbian woman, and a proponent of LGBT civil rights. Her conversion did not come easily, and she lost “everything but the dog” when Christ rescued her.

Rosaria’s conversion left her clearheaded about God’s authority and holiness and the integrity of His Word. She also learned why God demands sexual purity and what the purpose of sexuality is. Hear her train wreck conversion and its many character-changing edges! Free Discussion Guide included.

  • Length: 62 minutes
  • Ages: Teen - Adults